The North Korean Religious Freedom Database is a free and open online resource that allows users to access and organise evidence of religious freedom violations. The database contains relational information that links the victims and the violations to the responsible perpetrators, locations, and organisations. Updated on an ongoing basis, the database serves as an open resource for policymakers, investigators, researchers, journalists, and the public.

Most common criminal charges

  • 149
    Religious practice
  • 110
    Religious activities in China
  • 78
    Possessing religious items
  • 77
    Contact with religious persons
  • 72
    Attending a place of worship
  • 22
    Sharing religious beliefs
  • 15
    Unidentified religious activities
  • 12
    Arrest based on informant
  • 9
*Individual victims can experience more than one criminal charge. Take care not to over-count.

Victims charged for their religious practice

Reported number of documented victims charged for religious practice by year

Locations of documented violations

Most recent updates

Samjiyon County Labour training camp
Military Security Command